Blossoms 1

Hi all!

I’m back after so time away 🙂 In short: Kidneys stones gone but complications remain but STUDIO is ready!!

I made a big declaration on Instagram (@oi_you_blondie) that my studio was ready so this weekend I was going to be piling out the artwork. I managed this drawing of a Blossom while watching an episode of Mad Men (<3) before having to run out the door for a family dinner ect ect.

I plan to paint this a long with some old drawings I’ve been itching to paint.

Only thing holding me back is “what if I ruin a perfectly good drawing with my painting?”

All my drawing work over the last 2 years is up for the metaphorical ‘chop’, so before I destroy any are there some you think I should just leave alone? Perhaps I should stop focusing on the only and worry about producing something new?

I might start a twitter pole – once a week, find out if I should Paint or Leave it. (Twitter @oi_you_blondie)

Let me know what you think! xx



Love Roots: Finished

This is my most favourite drawing to date 🙂

So far it has received the most likes on Instagram on ANY picture I have ever posted! (It’s 90 likes btw 😉 )

I am very much loving this idea of creating abstract shapes of ‘things’ from tree roots.

ANY ideas of what I should do next? I’ve hit a creative stump.

Health Update: Still no CT Scan *growl*



Love Roots

I actually drew this a couple of weeks ago but health is still declining.

Well and truly fed up with kidney stones and all the other annoying and sometimes humiliating side-effects that come with it. Still no solutions – the joy of the NHS. *growl* Anyhoo:

I took the idea from this from a tattoo design I found on Instagram. It was tree bark in the shape of an anatomical heart – and considering a drew an anatomical heart only the other week for Valentines day, I thought I’d do my twist on it.

I believed this was a promising start! Let’s see how it turns out 😉 xx


Pink Abstract

I have a whole box of art supplies that I’ve found and one thing I’ve always wanted to dabble in is oil paints. I love how bold and dreamy the colours can be. I also have a packet of OHP Film from my Uni days so I was going to create (picture it if you will 😉 ) a large hanging installation made up of square pieces of film with oils smeared on one side  and the transparent film showing a different texture on the other side. I was going to connect them with wire hoops and create a long curtain of colourful squares that I planned to hang from the ceiling.

But alas, I’m using oil paintings.

I’ve decided I really don’t like them – sooooo messy and an hour with the hair drier and it’s still not dry?!

I gave up and ruined my scissors cutting small squares of what I have and arranging them like this:

2016-02-27 22.49.20

The colours are yummy, but in no way is it as dramatic or as cool as my intended installation. I’ll play around with the other colours I’ve produced over the coming days but there has to be a way I can make this installation happen!

Watch this space 🙂 xx

Valentines Day (Better late than never)

For the first year in (many) years I have an actual real life, gorgeous, dashing, charming boyfriend to spend this commercial day of love with – so we decided to do diddly squat 😀

No flowers, presents or cards – we pinky promised on it.

So we exchanged keys instead! Haha! And it didn’t cost a thing 😉

We had a ‘Family Day Out’. In other words: we took the dog for a long walk!

My man has also been cooking, cleaning, decorating and walking Nymeria while I’ve been keeling over with kidney stones – so I am a very lucky lady.

We try not to be too soppy (because come on guys, it can be kinda gross and icky) so I drew this anatomical heart to say ‘I love you’, without actually saying it ❤

2016-02-13 18.30.15